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Why choose Lafarge?

The success of Lafarge, the world leader in building materials, depends on the commitment of its 65,000 employees. Why not join us? The Group is a recognized pioneer and competitive force in its sector.

The world leader in building materials

Joining Lafarge means choosing a successful Group that builds its business strategy around product innovation. As a leader, we play an influential role in the future of the sector and associated professions.

Focus on sustainable development

From the outset, Lafarge has operated within a framework of humanist values. The Group constantly works to reconcile different challenges: economic progress, environmental protection and social responsibility. Lafarge is a leader unlike the others!


Emphasizing mobility

The Group has entered more than 35 new countries since 1997. As a result, a growing number of managers enjoy opportunities to work abroad and the Group employs more than 1200 expatriates.

An international Group, close knit teams

65,000 employees in more than 64 countries are working to build Lafarge's success. Our Group has a decentralized structure and is built around small entities. You will quickly have the opportunity to take on new responsibilities.

Developing people

Lafarge takes the personal development and fulfillment of its employees seriously. The Group's employees have taken the concepts of personal growth and development to heart, while Lafarge gives them the resources to make it happen.

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Job seekers Alert !

It has been brought to our notice that certain individuals are misleading job applicants by claiming themselves to be employees of Lafarge or as authorized job agency of Lafarge. they have been misguiding the candidates to deposit certain amount of money in lieu of providing employment or as deposit towards travel for final interview round, etc.


Lafarge does not take any such fees/facilitation charges in lieu of employment.


Anyone dealing with such an agency/employment portal/individual will be doing so at his/her own risk and the Company will not be held responsible for such loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly.


The Group's values of respect, care and rigor inform its actions with regard to employees and other stakeholders. Lafarge's business activities, for their part, target sustainable growth by reconciling the twin challenges of economic development and environmental respect.

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