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Developing talent & prioritizing training

At Lafarge, we believe training is an investment in the future. Skilled & satisfied employees are expected to play an important role in the Group's long-term success.

Developing talent everywhere and for everyone

Throughout their careers, Lafarge offers its employees internal training programs that relate to the Group's professions and culture. These courses are offered at several levels:

  • at Business Unit level, for training in the local language,
  • at Business level, to study different techniques and professions,
  • at Group level, to acquire management skills at Lafarge University, our corporate university.

External training programs provided by specialized organizations or business schools may be offered to meet specific individual needs.


In 2006, the number of hours of training per person averaged across all sites stood at 37 hours for executives and 23 hours for non-executives.

Examples of programs

Programs on offer include:

  • I.H.R.: Integration into the Human Resources function,
  • I.F.F.: Integration into the Finance function,
  • L.C.A.: Lafarge Customer Approach,
  • BEST: Develop performance at BU level within a multi-local environment,
  • JuMP: Management development for emerging leaders,
  • BUILD: International Leadership Development for future Group Executives.

Lafarge University: developing a culture of excellence

Lafarge University was created in 2003. It was designed to improve management and encourage managers to act in compliance with the Group's Principles of Action. This corporate university works in partnership with some of the best business schools in the world: Insead and Henley in Europe and Duke University and Chicago G.S.B. in the United States.


The program includes individual development plans and skills training. Each year, 12 sessions are held in Asia, 12 in North and South America and 25 in Europe and Africa. Each session brings together between 8 and 20 different nationalities! These sessions help to build networks between managers and encourage knowledge sharing and the development of best practices.

Programs are regularly updated and enriched. For example, Lafarge University is working with the Executive Finance Committee to implement a program on the ways financial directors can add value in their management committee.


Participants give their views

Carlos, manager, Cement Business, Mexico

"As soon as I finished my "Employee Development" training I applied V.A.D.I. best practices. These state that development activities should include:

  • variety (V),
  • adversity (A), through varied, ambitious assignments,
  • diversity (D), by bringing together different nationalities in different environments,
  • intensity (I) and time constraints.

I regularly check with my team to ensure that all of these rules are properly applied."

Training to improve performance

Chris, purchasing manager, Aggregates Division, United Kingdom

"When I got back to work after my "BEST" training, I soon had an opportunity to put a negotiating tool I had learned into practice. I was working on a motorway maintenance project worth several million pounds sterling but the relationship with the client was blocked due to conflict over a responsibility issue involving £10 million. By implementing the best practices I had learned, I was able to find a win-win solution that suited both parties."

Learning & Development

At Lafarge, we have always believed in enabling and empowering our employees to regularly upgrade their skills and knowledge through diverse learning opportunities, on /off the job. Learning and Development (L&D) at Lafarge aims to provide opportunities to employees to constantly enhance their technical and behavioral skills which will help them in bettering their performance and career progression. Effective training, aids in developing leadership skills, motivation, loyalty, right attitudes, and other aspects that successful workers and managers usually display, thereby leading to creation of Future Leaders in the organization. The Company has 5 key priorities around which the Key Performance indicators (KPIs) are formulated. L&D is one of the significant areas of the People Development priority and is measured locally as well as benchmarked at Lafarge Group level.


We therefore have regular programs like Cement Professional Development Program (for new joinees), Visible Felt Leadership (Safety), Change Management Workshops, Lafarge University Programs, Leadership Development Workshops, Development Center, Workshops on Managing Self and Working Effectively etc. to continuously develop our employees.


As part of the Talent / Potential assessment for middle management, Human Resources team at Cement division undertook comprehensive exercises to help develop & provide opportunities to harness individual potential of all its employees.


Competency Mapping (CM): Competency, defined as any skill, knowledge, or other attribute that is observable / measurable and identifies successful (excellent) performance. Competency Mapping is a process by which individuals are helped in a planned & organised way to acquire or sharpen competencies required for current role & future role in an organisation.


Development Center (DC): Post assessing the ideal competency levels for each role and rating the individuals against these competencies, is to validate if the ratings received is the true reflection of their competence.Development Center provides an opportunity to assess an individual's competencies using a variety of tools and a number of assessors. It consists of a standardized evaluation of behaviour based on multiple inputs. Several trained observers and techniques are used. Judgements about behaviour are made from specifically developed assessment simulations. These judgements are pooled in a meeting among the assessors. The subsequent discussion results in evaluation of performance of the assessees on the dimensions/competencies that the assessment centre is designed to measure.


Mentoring Program:  The Assessors who gave feedback become the mentors and mentees are the participants. This process is focused towards supporting the individuals in their development process.


At Lafarge A&C the HR team has undertaken various initiatives


Internal Vacancy Notification. To source the right people for the right job within the system & process with hands on experience, the internal talent search was initiatied through Internal Vacancy Notification. As of today such initiatives have been successfully completed for the Plant Production Incharge & Plant Quality Incharge levels.


Training Initiatives:

  • Pumping protocol -  internally designed & developed workshop for pumping team on safety methods of pumping concrete.
  • Basic Selling Skill Workshop - the workshop was designed internally and conducted jointly by an internal & external resource.
  • Energy Isolation and Lafarge University Tool Kit conducted by as per group guidelines

Developing Aggregates Talent Program (D.A.T.P.)

At Lafarge Aggregates we develop aggregate talent by nominating employees for programs like International Diploma in Quarry Management from Derby University and Lafarge Aggregates management program.


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Job seekers Alert !

It has been brought to our notice that certain individuals are misleading job applicants by claiming themselves to be employees of Lafarge or as authorized job agency of Lafarge. they have been misguiding the candidates to deposit certain amount of money in lieu of providing employment or as deposit towards travel for final interview round, etc.


Lafarge does not take any such fees/facilitation charges in lieu of employment.


Anyone dealing with such an agency/employment portal/individual will be doing so at his/her own risk and the Company will not be held responsible for such loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly.


The Group's values of respect, care and rigor inform its actions with regard to employees and other stakeholders. Lafarge's business activities, for their part, target sustainable growth by reconciling the twin challenges of economic development and environmental respect.

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