Innovation is part of the Group's identity: with the first research laboratory created in 1887, Lafarge have a long history of technical excellence. This focus on innovation is what sets us apart. At Lafarge, innovating means developing new construction solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, in every market, contributing to building better cities. To do so, we rely on the industry's most advanced R&D, which is always connected to our markets.


As a result of its ambition to collaborate with the world of architecture and align itself with reflection on urbanization on the fringes of the commercial sector, Lafarge wants to offer new solutions for construction with a reduced ecological footprint and an enlarged social role. This is the key challenge in its partnership approach with the world of architecture.



The Lafarge research teams work closely with customers to understand their needs, developing new products that add value for all players in the building industry and contribute to more sustainable ways of building.

Science & Materials

Scientific research enables Lafarge to understand the properties of its products in order to improve their performance and develop even greater innovations.

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Low-energy housing

Take the owner's tour!

Combining 20 sustainable construction rules with innovative solutions produced by Lafarge's R&D, low-energy housing is explained in this flash animation. From the foundations and the exterior to the insulation and the interior - see how a low-energy house is created!

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