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Mega™ Series

Faster Construction. Greater saving.

Lafarge's Mega™ range of concrete products cater to customers' unique technical requirements. The Mega™ Series consists of a wide range of concrete products that can be used for specific applications. Complete your construction in double quick time now with the Mega™ range of products

  1. Concrete with longer retention

    • Longer retention- upto 6 hours
    • Good for tunnel, chimney work, RCC columns
    • Jobsites with long distance and heavy traffic

  2. Achieves full strenth in 3-7 days
    • Application in flat slabs, pre-stressed concrete slabs
    • Large ceilings without beams possible 
    • Increases cycle time considerably

  3. Low strength, easy pumpable lean concrete
    • Shortens construction time
    • Good for backfilling, trench filling

  4. High flow cohesive concrete

    • Easy pouring, high workability, low segregation
    • Good for piles

  5. High grade, high performance concrete

    • Increases floor space
    • Increases durability of the structure
    • Good for high rise structural requirements 

  6. Low density, thermal efficient concrete
    • Density 600-1800 kg/ m3 
    • Reduces structural weight 
    • Lower thermal conductivity
    • Better alternative to brickbat coba 

  7. Crack resistant concrete
    • Good cohesive concrete with better finish 
    • Concrete with controlled plastic shrinkage and other micro cracks


  8. Strong, ductile and safer concrete floor
    • Saves cost and time 
    • Eliminates reinforcements in slabs on grade
    • Good for industrial floors, warehouse floors, internal pavements, parking lots etc
    • Durable and tough floors


  9. Concrete with reduced thermal differential cracks
    • Concrete thermal differential cracks in mass concrete and increases durability of the structure
    • Concrete Temperature <=32°C

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Take a tour of our plant to see how we produce concrete

Customers across India trust Lafarge because of the consistent quality we are able to offer.

Right from the raw materials we use to the automated batching process through which we produce high quality concrete. Take a virtual tour to see how Lafarge produces concrete for you. 

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