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The Lafarge Concrete Advantage

Why Lafarge Concrete

Lafarge Concrete is trusted by large developers, small contractors, builders, architects, Government agents right upto individuals who are building their first dream home. 






4 reasons why Lafarge Concrete is the most prefered readymix concrete in India:

  • Consistent high grade quality of concrete that is produced in high tech batching plants in completely automated environment.  
  • Experienced civil engineers who understand the nuances of construction service your concrete requirements.
  • On-time delivery
  • A wide range of innovative international value added concrete products for you to choose from- products that help you save time and money.
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Lafarge Duraguard with VRT

Void Reduction Technology

Ordinary cement particles allow seepage of water and chloride and make houses weak from inside. Void Reduction Technology in Lafarge Duraguard increases the strength and density of concrete and stops the attack of harmful elements. That is why houses made with Lafarge Duraguard are strong from inside & last forever.


Lafarge Duraguad with VRT

  • Makes impenetrable concrete
  • Stop iron rods from rusting
  • Provides stong compact cement particles
  • Reduces intergranular space/void


Watch the latest Lafarge Duraguard with VRT TVC here.

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