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All about Cement


Cement is one of the oldest building materials in the world. The word "cement" is based on the Latin word "caementum" .The binder that is used in the production of concrete and mortar which has the ability to harden even in water.


Different applications require the use of various types of cement with a specific composition. The properties can also be varied through addition of different additives.



Cement, a hydraulic binder and a key ingredient in concretes and mortars, came into widespread use during the Industrial Revolution.


In this section, the history and innovations which transformed this material into the high-tech product, which is used today. 


This includes information on the cement-making process - from the extraction of the raw materials to the grinding of the end product, cement manufacturing is a highly technical and complex process.


Whilst looking at this, we also include information on the technical jargon used to describe aspects of our work. Our glossary explains the words used to talk about the manufacture and use of cement.

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Lafarge Duraguard with VRT

Void Reduction Technology

Ordinary cement particles allow seepage of water and chloride and make houses weak from inside. Void Reduction Technology in Lafarge Duraguard increases the strength and density of concrete and stops the attack of harmful elements. That is why houses made with Lafarge Duraguard are strong from inside & last forever.


Lafarge Duraguad with VRT

  • Makes impenetrable concrete
  • Stop iron rods from rusting
  • Provides stong compact cement particles
  • Reduces intergranular space/void


Watch the latest Lafarge Duraguard with VRT TVC here.

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