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Vision & values

Principles of Action

Published for the 1st time in 1977, our Principles of Action inspire the behavior of the Group's employees around the world. They are based on 3 pillars: our vision, our commitments and the Lafarge Way.

The undisputed leader in building materials

Lafarge is committed to:

  • offering our customers the best in innovative materials and reliable products and services,
  • reinforcing our position as the world leader in relation to our suppliers, employees, customers and shareholders.

Upholding commitments to all stakeholders

Lafarge is committed to:

  • generating value for our clients,
  • delivering the value creation that our shareholders expect,
  • giving our employees every opportunity to contribute and develop their talents,
  • contributing to building a better world for our communities.

The Lafarge Way

The Lafarge Way is built around 3 concepts.

  • Making our employees successful: Lafarge aims to enable each individual to succeed.
  • Delivering continuous performance improvement: Lafarge continually strives to optimize its products and services.
  • A multilocal organization: Lafarge's goals are local but remain integrated into our global approach.

Multi-local organization

Combining local and global goals

Lafarge's multi-local organization allows it to combine global reactivity and local know-how. This approach supports the sharing of resources, skills and experience, and the promotion of global initiatives.

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Completed projects

Products at the heart of architectural projects

The innovative properties of Lafarge's range of products stimulates architectural creativity. Residential buildings, foot bridges, road bridges, airports, rail stations: discover examples of projects that make use of Lafarge products.

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